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Fuh~ long time no see everyone^^ , Im sorry to say but i totally forgot about this fotopages, but now im back with new updates ^^

Sorry Syarafie n Shukor , once again i forgot to update ur birthday picture
it sure been a fun time for all of us, sharafie..come back to USM ...we are waiting for u ^^

    akmal, pakjan, syakir, banned, SHUKOR, fakhri, SYARAFIE, jehan

oh, i've been to Bukit Tambun (not the theme park =.=") accidentally on the way going back to USM ^^
there are some great view that was unexpected for such a place to possess on..hurmm ~

this picture was taken by Sony Ericsson K800i without any editing , perghh~
not sharp at all =.="

[editing for another updates-just wait~]^^

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~UnIvErSiTy LiFe~

First of all, i would like to thanks shihamseishu.fotopages.com for inspiring and teaching me about this blog and i think it is still not too late for me to wish him good luck and congratulation since he have done very well in his exam lately.

24th until 26th of April 2008-Astronomy camp at SAINA involving all form 1 students.

13 facilitators, 3 staff, 1 teacher, 113 students.

    En.Jamil, Yana, Wawa, Athirah, Firdaus, Hanis, Shukor, Jali, Solihin, Abg.Jas, Akmal, Shaffwan, Abg.Ji, Syahid, Syaza, Shakir.


6 person, 1 restaurant

    Akmal, Shukor, Solihin, Shakir, Luqman, Firdaus

Want to know something special? My roomate really loves to cook, i hope that i can learn something from him one day ^^ ...wish me good luck ok >< hehe

1 pan, 1 electronic cooker, 3 times cooking daily

i think that im going to update this blog once a week since that i got a lot of work to do, all the best ><


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